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Eating and drinking in Bruges

The entire culinary world gathers in Bruges. The city houses two major cooking and hotel schools! Talking about foods and drinks; it is all there in our city. All prices, all flavors, all settings. A bite and a drink for everybody and for all occasions, tastes and wallets!

For this reason it is very difficult to give advise on finding the perfect place. We always give the advise to use a culinary search engine. THE FORK is such a search engine.

Set it to the desired language, fill in Bruges as a location and fill in any keyword you want.
Fish, vegan, snack, BBQ, romantic, low budget, Michelin, Italian, traditional or more.

In an instant the system sums up the places that meet your criteria, it has a picture, it shows a short description, it has a valoration, it shows indication of the price and it presents a button to make a direct reservation! EASY!!


Click HERE to start searching for the best places to eat and drink in Bruges!! Bon apetit!!


Bruges, UNESCO world heritage city

Bruges, UNESCO World Heritage City and the capital of the West Flanders region. It has been a metropolis for centuries and captures the hearts of all who visit it.


Famous Flemish art is on display in many galleries and museums. Take a trip to the "De Halve Maan" brewery to sample the local Brugse Zot. It will satisfy most beer lovers;  and those with a sweet tooth should not miss the Chocolate Museum. Enjoy the views from the top of the Belfort tower or marvel at the architectural beauty of the Basiliek van het Heilig-Bloed. Take  a leisurely canal boattrip and get a different perspective on this beautiful city. After all, it is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North!’

So much to see, so much to do, so much to enjoy! Bruges offers it all!
Below we list the best and most important (in random order), just to get you started......

Bruges, some things to do in the city

A visit to Bruges isn’t complete without a boat trip on its canals. Go aboard at any of the five landing stages for a half-hour trip that allows you to appreciate the most noteworthy delights of the city from a completely different angle. Click HERE

Brewery "Halve Maan"
This is where the Bruges city beer - the Brugse Zot - is brewed. It is also famous for its 3,2 km long underground pipeline.  Daily tours on the brewery are organized, at the end of which visitors are offered a free glass of Brugse Zot blond beer. Click HERE

Groeninge Museum
The Groeninge Museum offers a varied overview of the history of Belgian arts. Although the Flemish Primitives are the highlight, you will also marvel at top 18th and 19th-century neoclassical pieces, masterpieces from Flemish Expressionism and post-war modern art. Click HERE

Belfort tower
This tower stands 83 metres tall. The Belfry / Belfort houses, amongst other things, a carillon with 47 bells. Take on the challenge of 366 steps climbing the tower! Your efforts will be rewarded with a breath-taking view of Bruges and surroundings. Click HERE

In the south part of Bruges you’ll find a small rectangular lake called 'Minnewater' or "Lake of Love". The romance between Minna and her warrior love Stromberg has evolved into local legend saying that you will experience eternal love if you walk over the lake bridge with your partner. This is an exceptionally romantic spot. Click HERE

Museum Choco-Story
Cacao has been tickling our taste buds for ages.
Three people out of four love chocolate, it’s hardly surprising that there is an enormous fascination for this exquisite treat. History, tasting, workshops and much more. Young or old, passionate chocoholic or simply interested: the Chocolate Museum will stimulate your fascination. Click HERE

Basilica Holy Blood

The church, dedicated to Our Lady and Saint Basil in the 12th century and a basilica since 1923, consists of a lower church that has maintained its Romanesque character and a neo-Gothic upper church, in which the relic of the Holy Blood is preserved. The renovated treasury, with numerous valuable works of art, is also worth a visit. Click HERE


The 'Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaarde' was founded in 1245. This little piece of world heritage was once the home of the beguines, emancipated women who led a pious and celibate life. Today the beguinage is inhabited by nuns of the Order of St. Benedict. You can still get a good idea of how life was like in the 17th century.Click HERE

Old St. John´s hospital
Founded in the mid-12th century it is one of Europe's oldest surviving hospital buildings. It was a place where sick pilgrims and travellers were cared for. Collections of surgery tools, art & paintings from Hans Memling, very nice pharmacy and much more to see. Often also temporary expositions on the site. Click HERE

Take a beautiful short walk or a bike ride along the ramparts with its windmills on the north side of the city centre. The route is located along the lovely canalside. It is a nice escape from the crowded centre. Once Bruges had 23 windmills, now only 4 remain in a row between the Dampoort and the Kruispoort.

Click HERE

Bruges, some things to do around the city


A visit to historical Damme (12th century) is the ideal daytrip from Bruges. Nice history, loads of splendid restaurants and a peacefull landscape. Best way to get there is with a (rental) bike (6 km) or with the steam wheeler "Lamme Goedzak". Click HERE

"Lamme Goedzak"
The nostalgic river boat sails four times a day back and forth between Bruges and the centre of Damme, the town of the legendary character Tijl Uilenspiegel, whose friend was called ...... Lamme Goedzak! Best translated as ... "Drunk Good Ass" Click HERE


The infamous battlefields of the "Great War". Guided Flanders Field day tour takes you from Bruges to the Ypres Salient region, with the "Last Post" Ceremony as an option. A sobering and eye-opening insight into the Western Front. English spoken. 

Click HERE

Day at the Beach!

During sunny summer season or on a stormy winterday. The Belgian coast is just one step away from Bruges. Easy access by bus, car or even on the bike. The worlds largest tram line connects the coastal region. Easy travel, nice swim, good food and salty smells. Click HERE

Fully guided,
English, French and  Dutch spoken, personalised battlefield tours in the Ypres  Salient & other areas of the Western Front.  Custom made tours, pick-up from the B&B.
“ In Flanders Fields the poppies blow,                       Between the crosses, row on row, …”
Click HERE