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B&B De Corenbloem is safe and open!! From May 23th 2022 Belgian government skipped most of the Covid regulations and also the PLF and QR requirements. Read below to know more!

Important: read the information on this page carefully and fully!
When you have questions about the B&B and staying with us, please contact us.
If you have questions about bans and consequences on travelling from your own region into Belgium and back, please contact your local authorities. This is your own responsibility!

Latest update: 23 May 2022.

Belgium, general situation as per 23 May 2022:
The Belgian government skipped most of the restrictions regarding COVID as per May 23rd 2022.

This means:

- No use of facemask, except in hospital.

- No checks on Covid Safe ticket / QR code.

- No use of Personal Locator Form (PLF) when travelling by train, boat or airplane, EU or non EU!

- Use of PLF only when entering Belgium from region/country with "Variant of Concern".


Personal Locator Form (PLF):

From 23th May 2022 Belgian government skipped the use of the PLF in all cases, for EU and non EU travellers. The only demand using the PLF is when people come from a "Variant of Concern" region or country. In case of doubt, please check if yes/no you are in that group.
Use the PLF (click here) and act according the procedure and advise. The PLF holds questions about (EU) vaccination certificate, (negative) PCR test and (EU) recovery certificate after illness and more.


We consider the part of travelling and the yes/no use of the PLF form as your own responsibility!