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B&B De Corenbloem is available and open!! Read all about the COVID-19.

Important: read the information on this page carefully and fully!
When you have questions about the B&B and staying with us, please contact us.
If you have questions about bans and consequences on travelling from your own region into Belgium and back, please contact your local authorities. This is your own responsibility!

Latest update: 18 December 2020

B&B De Corenbloem, why it is safe to stay with us:

- small scale accommodation, 5 rentable units with max. 10 persons allowed.

- no other employees, other then Corrina and Gerrit.

- large and spacious rooms and suites, easy to maintain social distance (1,5 metres).

- large and spacious halls, staircase and salons, easy to maintain social distance.

- large and spacious garden. Lots of fresh air and easy to maintain social distance.

- large and spacious breakfast salon, own table, easy to maintain social distance.

- safe and clean kitchen, food preparations with gloves and masks, extra cleaning.

- daily cleaning on rooms, daily towelchange, extra disinfection on critical surfaces and objects.

- daily ventilation of rooms and suites by opening windows.

- extra cleaning with disinfectant gel on critical objects (doorknobs, light switch, etc.)

- you have your own disinfected keys.

- payment with creditcard, with disinfected machine.

- disinfection gel available.

- plates and cutlery available to bring in take-away meals.


B&B De Corenbloem, what has changed:

- please inform us (by mail) about your name(s) and address. This is an obligation!! This information can be used for infection track down in case somebody gets infected.

- no breakfast buffet style, sorry! We bring items and food to your table, so it is a private buffet!

- no use of public toilet on ground floor. Guests must use the toilet on their own rooms only.

- allowed to bring take-away meals and own drinks. Plates and cutlery available. Please ask for a table in the dining room or use your own room. No food and drinks on the bed ... please!!


B&B De Corenbloem, what we ask from you:

- send us your name and address before arrival. This is obligation! You can be refused if not supplied.

- respect social distance (1,5 metres). Not only in our house, but also outside!

- sorry, no handshaking.

- please bring your own face mask and gloves. We supply disinfecting liquid.

- please inform yourselfs about the situation, also in your own country and on traveling.

- consider adequate (travel) insurance.

- symptoms of fever, cough, sneezing? Consider not to come.

- please, no food and drinks on the bed!

Belgium, general situation:

- always keep safe social distance (1,5 metres). If this can not be maintained use face masks.

- wash hands and use gel frequently!
- please check the actual limitations or bans in travelling from your own region into Belgium and back! There are countries and area's that do not allow you to travel into Belgium. There are countries and area's that allow you to travel into Belgium but only with quarantaine. There are countries that oblige you to go into quarantaine after your visit to Belgium.
Travelers by plane and boat and travellers intending to stay more then 48 hours in Belgium are obliged to fill in and file a Personal Locator Form (click here) and act according the procedure and advise (quarantaine and PCR-check)

NEW from 25/12/2020: all visitors coming from red zone/country are obliged to present negative PCR-test (less then 24hrs)
Important: We consider this your own responsibility!

Bruges, general situation:

- Bars and cafe's closed!

- Restaurants closed! Take away meals until 22.00 hours. Not all restaurants have take-away!

- Most museums open. Only reservations. Face mask obliged. Make your reservation HERE.

- Christmas market / Winter fair closed!

- no people allowed outdoors 00.00 - 05.00 hours!

- most shops open: use face mask, only 30 minutes and only 1 person.

- public transport and taxi open, face masks obliged!

- hand disinfection cabins placed on strategic places, also with face mask selling machines.

- city centre and other specific areas in Bruges indicated as "face mask obliged". Read below!

Please take note:

The indicated yellow parts of Bruges centre are stated as "high density area" by the Mayor.

Entire railway station area (including hall, entrance and platforms) also indicated.

"Jan Breydel" football stadium also indicated, but only on home matches.


Face mask obliged in the indicated yellow zone and the other indicated area's!!

B&B De Corenbloem (red dot) is outside this area.