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This Blog-style page is filled with all types of selected information for you. Upcoming events, cultural outings, music festivals, expositions and history. Check it before you come to Bruges and see if you can use it for your stay!

8 May - 24 October 2021: Triennial Bruges 2021, theme = TraumA

Triennial Bruges brings contemporary art and architecture to Bruges. For its third edition, Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA delves beneath the surface, in search of the hidden dimensions of the city. For many, Bruges is a dream destination, seemingly picture perfect, but is it? Does the fabulous city that is Bruges also have a downside? And if so, dare we show it? Thirteen national and international artists and architects pondered this very question. They went in search of life behind the stately facades, how Bruges is experienced and lived. Their artistic interventions form a trail of imagination and wonder. They take you to places that oscillate between dream and reality, between what is real and what is delusional. Read more about the event or book a guided tour HERE

26/11/21 - 09/01/22: Bruges at its best! The intimate and cosy Christmasfair!

This spring the mayor of Bruges, Dirk de Fauw, said: "if the situation allows us, we will bring you a Christmas fair like never before. We extend the fair and by integrating it with Winterglow we will create an ultimate in atmosphere and experience".
Christmas fair 2021/2022 will take place on Market square, Simon Stevin square and (new) 't Zand.
Streets filled with the smells of hot chocolate, waffles and much more. Get that unique and exquisite Christmas gift you always wanted to buy....and you found  it here! We are really looking to it!!

26/11/21 - 09/01/22: Winterglow will illuminate the city and its visitors!

From 26 November 2021 to 9 January 2022, Winter Glow Bruges will take place for the third time. This edition will try to bring you the max in visual joy and genius illuminated brightness.
Thirteen spectacular light installations (fixed, interactive and moving) located all over the Bruges city centre will once again extend across the center squares, the skating rink at The Minnewater. Winterglow 2021/2022 will be more incorporated in the Christmas-market and its surroundings.