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This Blog-style page is filled with all types of selected information for you. Upcoming events, cultural outings, music festivals, expositions and history. Check it before you come to Bruges and see if you can use it for your stay!

Upcoming spring 2021: Quin's Terracotta Army

The Old Sint Jan in Bruges will serve as the stage of the awe-inspiring legacy of the 1st Emperor of China: "The Terracotta Army of Emperor Quin". This exhibition tells the story of the Chinese Terracotta Army, from it's discovery in the year 1974 to the construction of the Army over 200 before Christ. Admire 70 unique figures. Horses, warriors and more! Discover stunning Chinese art, and learn about the discovery of this UNESCO world heritage through a documentary. (exact dates to follow)

Music, dance, comedy! The world gathers in Bruges famous Concert Hall!

The famous Bruges Concert Hall (seats 1300 large hall and 320 small hall) offers all year around entertainment. Classical, dance, comedy, trendy and more to offer to the eyes but above to the ears. The building is build om 4700 pocketsprings and therefore famous for its acoustic perfection! Axelle Red, Tribute Hans Zimmer, Soy de Cuba, Joe Henry, Abba Gold, Dana Winner, Glennis Grace, Frans Bauer, Suzanne Vega and many, many more! Look at the programme and buy tickets on line.